While the functions of the Senate are many, those functions include:

  • Facilitating and empowering the release of new, potentially revolutionary technologies, as mankind’s interests and survival overall will sit atop of any greedy corporate or government interests anywhere.  The purpose is in the aiding of the world’s peoples over the interests of a few.
  • Resource allocation of any and all types provided to all new, incoming technology developers, so that any and all best ideas can come to flourish for mankind’s benefit, and not just to serve the interests of those who are rich or powerful.
  • Advocacy and legal changes to International Patent laws so as to see the world’s playing fields as more level ground than an opportunity for the rich, to prey upon the new or weak, in taking, subjugating, diverting, destroying or even burying the newest of technology, because it may come to obsolete the reigning monopolies which exist or have existed.
  • Arbitration Services which are and would be unique to Intellectual Property Law, Patent matters or conflicts, patent infringement protection, where large corporate interests are preying upon small, less sophisticated, less legally prepared parties simply to take advantage of them.
  • International Standards Council where all manner industrial standards are reviewed and set and adhered to for the betterment of all industry, so as to positively affect all peoples everywhere.
  • Global Remediation Projects where the largest and most pressing problems facing mankind may have today. The gravity of our global situation leads us to accept that we must now fully deal with the consequences of our actions as a species on the plant. Otherwise the damage done may become either irreversible or where the potential negative consequences will be dealt or felt with for decades to come. (The Fukushima debris field qualifies as just such a project needing our immediate attention.)

The World Technology Senate had begun and initiated the FDI or Fukushima Debris-Field Initiative as its first external project.  It has begun to examine ways in which the mess in the Pacific, both in terms or the mass of debris, along with the irradiated water and sea life, to begin a five year, $50BB program in looking to solve many of the problems which Fukushima has created upon that vast habitat known as the Pacific Ocean.