The old cabal’s model of divide and conquer is done.  All you have to use are the many examples of how good standards get set and great products emerge. That direction gets provided in a fashion which is COORDINATED.  Many multiple companies can come to work or tackle the same site,  have the same needs, and  must work together.  Our species will die or become extinct unless we begin cooperating in unison as an international body or the problems which we have created will come to swallow us up.

The WTS strives for the betterment of our world and species. Man must now come to seriously change course. He must heal and revitalize the planet he was so busily tearing down with callous disregard.

The WTS is now putting together an Internationally based group of people who, from different markets, differing areas of technology, will come together in pushing what will be ‘new agendas’ new technologies, new models, new solutions, new takes on old problems, and provide real, long lasting solutions which truly WORK.  Where want is no more.  Where need is no more and where shortage is no more.

Currently the WIPO intellectual property handbook defines a patent as " a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or their assignee for a limited period of time, in exchange for the public disclosure of the inventions. An invention is a solution to a specific technological problem and may be a product or a process". 

This definition is woefully lacking to the international community. This definition traps a patent to one sovereign state, which is a painfully outdated limit, yet their mission is to promote innovation and creativity for the thousand Indian farmers have committed suicide since Monsanto entered the Indian seed market". Small local farmers traditional ways of life are being ripped out from under them as a result of these patents designed to "…promote innovation and creativity for the economic, social and cultural development of all countries". Instead let patent law protect traditional ways of life. In response to the corporate attempts to patent life, some policy does defend this common resource. The Indian Seed Act and Patent Act of 2004 took away farmers right to save and reproduce seeds. The second amendment speaks of "Methods of agriculture and plants were excluded from patentability in the Indian patent act to ensure that seed, the first link in the food chain, was held as a common property resource in the public domain and farmers’ inalienable right to save, exchange and improve seed was not violated". This is the direction the WTS hopes to move further.

Another aspiration of international patent law is to prevent potential monopolies that conglomerate capital in the hands of a few wealthy shareholders. Francis Moore Lappe, author of multi million dollar best seller: Diet for a Small Planet writes: "More than 1,000 independent seed companies were swallowed up by multinationals in the past four decades, so today just three—Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta—control about half the proprietary seed market worldwide". Why should we allow these life and planet threatening monopolies to continue? The WTS would eliminate all current patents where the development, author, or innovation process cannot be truly shown. This will create much difficulty for groups trying to patent anything genetically modified, or developed by long standing cultures.This will also break down the corrupt profit motivated system of patent offices internationally. Currently, these patent offices are for profit entities that have greater economic interests than humanitarian. These current patent office cogs are a piece of the capital conglomeration machine that the WTS plans to disassemble. Then, a living, breathing organism will grow from the waste. This newer, more flexible, and human centered international patent system proposed by the WTS will exist purely to benefit humanity and the planet. This effort is vast, complex, and yet obscenely simple.

Clearing space for innovation to benefit the most people and the planet cannot wait any longer.  The time for those aspiring to heal the world is now. Let us bond together as a compassionate humanity to restructure the international patent situation into something which is truly beneficial to humanity and the condition of the plant Earth.