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Those willing to help the World Technology Senate,
may direct their enquiries to:

8400 Menaul Northeast, #152,
Albuquerque NM, 87112
Phone:  +01-575-937-9160

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Our current drive for assistance is for individual contributions of $100.00 (USD equiv.) minimally, up to a maximum contribution of $500.00 per individual.

Contributing parties will have their names published and recognized during the final credits of our Fukushima documentary series, which is now being worked on. Multiple family names, representing a single family, can be grouped together so long as each family member has made a contribution. The same principle applies for family pets, who can also be included as contributors.


About Your Donation

Monies collected here are processed and overseen by our Trustee, with a full accounting of usage.   The World Technology Senate has only one project agenda currently: that of the full and complete rescue of the Fukushima, Diiachi Nuclear Reactor plant, Fukushima, Japan. That leads to the rescue and remediation of the lands of Japan, leading to the healing of the Pacific Ocean, which is now imploding in destruction.

Men and materials are needed around the world to interact with other inventors and core groups capable of being able to provide the technologies needed in seeing Japan healed.  To that end, we have a core group of six people who have dedicated themselves to the furthering, the betterment of mankind, in overseeing the central rescue, and subsequent deployments coming up.  Strategic leading edge technologies which are to be used at the Fukushima site, and beyond, around the world.


This our first, and probably only contribution drive, is being done given that other venues for funding, especially those from a number of transactional means, have all been stalled temporarily, in many different areas around the world. That’s the bad news. The good news is, more and better technologies have come forward, and we here at the WTS are convinced that life has great hope and man has great possibilities, if allowed to deploy that talent.  Will we be allowed to deploy that talent, is the question.  Which is why we have stepped forward today, asking for this short-term help.  Once the second phase of deployment begins, full funding will be provided from other resources which have been identified, and who look to help.  The help you give today, helps us to move forward, against all odds. We strive to do that which needs to be done in making a difference for us all. Do we have enough time yet…? We pray so…

-Thank You for your help.