IF YOU CAN HELP, with no strain to your conscience, your back or your pocketbook, we are now seeking your kind assistance or contribution on the purchase of our newsletter.  It will be the only thing for which you will be allowed to help with financially, save those who wish to provide assistance at levels at $10MM or above.  You will be referred to a person later in the section who deals with those matters.

Any and all monies realized through our efforts here and in the public domain will be used for our public profile and awareness campaign.  Money which will be directed to educational programs for Ocean Sciences,  research grants and scholarships, bursaries, all manner of science having to do with the health and well being of the oceans.

Television and other media will result and those are fully expecting to be self sustaining in their operations and only need commence.

Once any of the major pushes on public awareness begins, things such as merchandizing, concerts and entertainment events, once any significant monies are realized, those will be direct to public health and support systems in the weeks and months ahead, with special care and attention to the West Coast of North America.  Scholarships will be granted across the Pacific Rim nations primarily.

VOLUNTEERS are being sought for supporting our social media activities and those familiar with Facebook and Twitter are welcome to step forward to help.  Email us at WTSENATE@MAIL.COM with what your interests may be.

PUBLIC CONFERENCE CALLS will also be coming about as well over the weeks ahead and will be held weekly, on the same time and day of the week.  Public call announcements will be posted on the web site.




Those wishing to help in larger, more meaningful ways, may contact:


Mr. Tom Welch, Trustee