Our world is filled with technological abundance, yet the essential planet saving innovations don't always reach where they are needed the most. People die from FDA created diseases everyday for a few peoples profits. The current World Intellectual Property Association(WIPO) is not meeting the needs of humanity. Lucky for future generations, there is the newly formed World Technology Senate which is an open dialogue and task force gathered together to address the rapidly evolving technological world and its complicated patent system. To unify many attempts to regulate patent law, a single objective body must be created, and will not be affiliated with any particular country . The current complicated and inefficient "international" patent system is causing major social, environmental, and economic disaster. The censorship of life and planet saving technology from certain countries due to patent regulation is a direct violation of human rights. The WTS proposes a unified impartial collection of a wide and diverse demographic which will allow the most benefit to humanity.

Clearing space for innovation to benefit the most people and the planet cannot wait any longer.  The time for those aspiring to heal the world is now. Let us bond together as a compassionate humanity to restructure the international patent situation into something  which is truly beneficial to humanity and the condition of the plant Earth.

If you feel that you need the WTS’ help, or you feel that you or your company or your organization have something with which to contribute, now is the time to speak up.   Nominations and volunteers are now stepping forward, as should you.  Humanity needs us now like never before. Senators; please!   

The first major assembly of the WTS is now being planned will be called in Ordos China, as we are looking to work with gifted and directed individuals who would like to help in the launch and support of a truly new earth. A place where all of the shortcomings, problems and stress which we see today, all become but a faded memory.

Senators will have not only a chance to be the first to know or come to learn about the newest and greatest in technological development, but they will come affect the technology discourse and direction, pathway even, in where we travel as a species.

As a Senator, you will be required to follow the dictates and stipulates of the Senate Body and you will be required to execute a ‘MORALS & ETHICS’ declaration, based upon the high principals which the Senate looks to follow. The Senate meets in person once a year and the locations are based upon new launches every year, with a new set of technologies to push or to accredit.   Those so accredited will get funded or provisioned, as needed. Let us look to live in a better world tomorrow and one where man’s dreams can be truly fulfilled.

Interested Parties may write to: