The first full gathering of WTS Senators being called together for in-depth personal meetings; product and technology presentations; business meetings on technology transfer and other licensing globally; IP protection assistance; financing or resource allocation or assistance; practices and standards; practical assistance in cross-pollination of science, engineering and manufacturing all for a better world.

Each year in the fall, the Senators will gather together for meetings and recreating in the seclusion of a “Private Club” environment where total relaxation is possible and outside distractions are not playing into the mind set of those in attendance.  The first year’s Senate Gathering will be held November 8th  through to November 13th , 2014 at a mysterious, ever curious place, Ordos China.  An enigma, wrapped in an illusion, bound by a riddle. 

The Senatorial meetings involved will allow for an environment of networking and social interaction amongst the most special and technologically influential people in the world. The idea, beside the obvious one of networking, is to allow for massive global rollouts of technology more efficiently than ever before.  Where key business and technology leaders and come to play a positive role in allowing the best and newest in technology to be deployed across the planet in the most timely and efficient ways possible.