The WTS will be made up of Senate Members who will come from around parts of the world, to represent their company, their technology or Intellectual Properties or inventions, their expertise or knowhow, their new projects, and who may wish to secure the necessary or needed resources which they require to help in the development or commercialization they look to achieve with their own technologies.

Aside from the obvious, in lettered or tenured scientists or professionals in the field, one of most important types of Senators will be those who are CTOs or Chief Technical Officers who fully understand their own systems and those of their competitors.  Solution integration and cross-pollinization of systems and technologies is going to be crucial in the future, if problems which the Planet faces are truly, once and for all, going to be solved.



The World Technology Senate is the brainchild of Stephan Venczel, President of a number of corporations along with acting as President of a children’s foundation known as KEYSTONE KIDS FOUNDATION, which is dedicated to the preservation of children’s health, well-being and education. 

Mr. Venczel has become the 1st Speaker of the WTS, seeing it through from its foundation and inception, over the first gatherings to take place.  It will, along with coordinating a number of other global development funds, see the deployment and actualization of many new products,  inventions and breakthrough technologies.  Improvements which will lead the way in medical technology, new manufacturing techniques, new science, new ways of doing things, new materials, all of which can come into being without the obstacles which insufficient human and/or financial capital can present. –

He now resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada and partially in Albuquerque New Mexico,  with additional offices now being established across  the United States, China and Hungary.