Why the WTS?  Because there are a cabal of global companies and global corporate interest which have though the educational system and universities, through lobbying, through legislation, through their best friends, through bought and paid for politicians, will they no longer be allowed to set technology precedents any longer for the world because it suites their economic interests. 

There have been waves of development in technology going on for decades which have been suppressed or are just now beginning to see the light of day. There have been too many technologies held back by elitist opportunists over the years. No longer will selfish inward interests dictate the quality and quantity of human life because it suits a small group. No longer will technology in and of itself, be solely limited to those with money. Many new forms of technology can benefit the  masses, if and when allowed.

The immediacy and urgency of some problems which man faces are now to the point that those problems can no longer wait. The debris field from Fukushima Japan, now hovering just off the West Coast of North America, is such a problem. Debating which or what methods to use is over. Either the problem is going to get dealt with quickly, or humanity will suffer the consequences with our DNA.  More about this issue and a plan of attack will be forthcoming from the WTS and efforts are now underway to see the final funding releases, such that a serious INDEPENDENT, PRIVATELY FUNDED program can go forward. If anything, Uncle Sam is running in the opposite direction. 

Someone must step forward to remove the peril to some 60+ MM people living along that North American coastline. WHO is that going to be, if not the WTS?