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Human Nobility

By Administrator on 8/20/2015
Human Nobility - The Art of Caring

For whatever reason, innate or otherwise, we as humans have this ability to come together in times of crisis.  New Yorkers got to experience it during 9-11, train crash and plane crash victims get to experience it, firefighters get to experience it, its just true.  We, as humans, draw together in the worst of circumstances and the issues of race or color or social standing, are meaningless.  We just come to care for each other when things go really really bad around us. We just do.

Our population has been in the process of being dumb down over more than 20 years.  Archie Bunker last noticed. Its been a while.

One of the things we do as humans, is rebound from the attempts to make us look foolish, then we get angry through that process.  Once we figure out that we've been made to look like fools, we get our dander up fast.  No shortage of angry cells at that point. We're truly on.

The situation with what has been happening behind our backs for more than four years with Fukushima is a travesty again humanity like nothing before it. Nobody, no where no how; no dictator, no Hitler, ever tried to screw humanity that badly, as what is now happening before us.  It would take the forgiveness of God Himself to put down. That which is now being perpetrated against mankind.  It is hard for one person alone to even take the time to understand and comprehend just how ugly the situation really is.  It is.  They want us all dead.  Dead and gone, no ashes or memories even. Just dead.

I want you to understand that I believe in  you. I believe in Humanity, our humanity, our divinity as  human beings to rise above and to conquer that which comes against us. We can, and we must never surrender to that which threatens us in evil. And that is exactly where we are today.

Make no mistake, they want us gone.  The entire radiation quandary, the issues and problems are of a great design, to lead us to the slaughter, with mass extinction coming up fast against us.  That is what this is all about. What will be left of the 'human herd' as we move into the future?  Its even disturbing for me personally, to talk of us in terms of a 'herd'. My God, are we not better? Is mankind not better?  Is there, even for us, a line a thought which we will not cross, given how ugly it is.

I can remember this thought of how we as humans were so much better than  most of the animal kingdom, because we never ate our our young.  That was until we got wind of baby parts being sold out there. Most of those i know, were sickened, and thought that the entire affair was gross. Well, it was gross. And truly, even the sickest humans know when they cross a line. That line, led to a sick person or attitude.  Humans are better than that; and no, we don't eat our own young!

And when you leave, and you contemplate your 'human nobility', I want you also to think of one other thing.  You, and how you relate to this all. For it amuses me to think that people love what we do, want to help with and cherish what we say, but won't lift a finger to help in any meaningful way at all.

If you want to be among the true, the counted, contribute to our work. Four people are now working for nothing on your and your family's behalf in seeing you safe and protected.  Show your nobility and caring by contributing to that which matters, our work!!


We will continue to put out great work, great reports in helping you understand what is going on around you, what things matter concerning this issue of radiation poisoning and the health challenges coming at us all.

Please stay tuned, as so much more is opening up at this time.  We truly live in interesting times surely.  Its just that our minds, our bodies and our spirit is going to be tested like never before.  We will endeavor to help you through all of what is ahead.


Blessings to you and your family,


Stephan Venczel