We are an independent group of scientists, technicians and varied experts dedicated to oversee and test for excessive amounts of radiation poisoning through onsite testing, monitoring, evaluation and case study  around the world.

     The IERA is now focused upon forming Affiliate Offices in and through all of the Middle East, as any and all Northern Latitude Countries need to be alerted to the fact that massive amounts of Fukushima radiation is now spreading all over the Northern Hemisphere through natural weather patterns and cycles.  If you live north of the Equator, you have a problem.  Now, today you have a problem, as well as the rest of your countrymen also.

       Radiation poisoning is bio-accumulative and that means that each and every bit continues to add up, forever. And we do mean, forever.  Just like the x-rays of old, every time you had one or had one performed upon you, the radiation simply went up and up, and it comes to kill you faster and faster over time, the more one gets of it.  –Nice huh?

      The IERA is now being asked to take on various studies and monitoring assessments of radiation in areas of either ‘official denials’ or where officials are even totally ignoring the background radiation counts as serious radiation poisoning is going on.  

      The IERA is bringing together International teams, from diverse areas around the world, where no corporate or business interest could be had, and yet fully truthful, fully reliable assessments are being conducted to the benefit of not one moneyed party, but all the people who live and work there locally.

       We are now recruiting parties to step forward in the establishment of affiliate offices for the IERA group all across the Middle East and Europe.  By through either charitable donations or by way of direct ownership involvement, each IERA office is Joint Ventured with our local partner.   No partner is required to own more than one office, but no limits exist on the number of offices a partner could own or operate either.  

       We are today inviting any and all so interested parties, corporation, companies, NGOs and the like

to step forward in the establishment of IERA offices in their own countries.  

        We for our part will provide technical assistance and monitoring equipment and training for testing equipment so that local officials and the general public at large can feel better as they are apprised of the changing environment around them.  The IERA will teach the local partner how to conduct and monitor equipment remotely, what areas of concern to be looking for, various types of equipment needed, training for that equipment, and so on. All for the benefit of the local populations who should be guarded for their overall heath period.  Radiation is now spreading at an alarming rate and people somehow believe naively that it will never come to their home.  That already can mean it’s too late.

       In additional to all the testing and help we give, all our JV partners will be availed to new types of water, minerals, supplements, health products, equipment, techniques, etc. which will help the locals to ward off many types of sickness and cancers all due to the fact that these products have been specially formulated and directed to the various types of radiation poisoning and sicknesses we can expect.

      This could be the most humanitarian thing you’ve ever done or helped to contribute to!  Sadly, with no joy, we can now advise you that radiation poisoning is coming up as the number one health problem in the world.  Bravery is an important thing in helping your own people.  Start by contacting the person listed below soonest, so we can help coordinate your saving efforts to those of ours. 

        Please consult with our Team on the availability of your country.  Your own people might even now need help in stemming radiation poisoning today.  


Middle-eastern Enquiries:

Mrs. Navia Fahed, BEIRUT, LEBANON
naviag@hotmail.com    <>   +9613911917

European Enquiries: