World Press Release - January 27th 2014
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The Speaker of the World Technology Senate, Mr. Stephan Venczel, announced today that the WORLD TECHNOLOGY SENATE, (“WTS”) headquartered in Albuquerque New Mexico, is hereby announcing that it is taking on, as a private initiative, the cleanup of the Fukushima debris field situated in the Pacific Ocean, which is now headed for the North American shoreline.

The WTS has now budgeted an initial $50.0 BB USD (fifty billion United States Dollars equivalent) for the undertaking and will be contracting a host of private companies, contractors, marine specialists, merchant marine operators and technology specialists who will be engaged in the collection, processing, sterilization and remediation of the Fukushima related debris (READ: radioactive garbage) which is now littering the Pacific Ocean, and which is now headed to the North American shore line. The debris itself is highly radioactive and is now being blamed for ‘much higher than normal’ radiation levels which are now being seen across the North American shorelines from Alaska to Mexico.

Estimates of the debris field are now estimated at over 1 million square kilometers, visible from space and the debris field itself is highly radioactive and is responsible for the spreading of radioactivity across the North American coastline.

The WTS now sees the issue as a global disaster problem and one which is endangering the lives of some 60 MM (sixty million) North American lives, along with the lives of countless numbers of animals in North America. It is also now estimated that the marine biology of the Pacific has now been very seriously affected, if not decimated, and that genetic mutations are regrettably surely going to take place now as well.

The WTS is looking to contract a significant number of merchant marine vessels, and to contract the ships of various government’s Navy’s who come to help and which will be able to assist in the cleanup going forward over the next five years.

I M M E D I A T E  R E L E A S E –

The WTS is also pleased to announce the full financial support and backing of OUR WORLD TRUST who are currently working with  world leaders in the redemption and processing of Chinese Historic Bonds and other historic securities such as Landa China. The Trust is also working with other private Chinese interests who are committing resources to the WTS cleanup endeavor and has offered to step forward with the funding required to begin the Fukushima Debris- Field Initiative or “FDI”.

The FDI will take approximately twenty four months for its initial phase of operations and implementation, then will continue to do biological and water remediation over as long as a five year period. Interested parties and those groups, parties, corporation’s etc. who are interested in contracting, donating, or assisting the FDI, should direct their interest to:


Mr. Stephan Venczel, Speaker –

World Technology Senate

Ph. +01-505-559-4587 or


Mr. Thomas Welch, Trustee -


Ph. +01-575-937-9160 or