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Unimaginable Carnage from Fukushima Killing Pacific Ocean


Fukushima police sends nuclear contamination case against TEPCO execs to prosecutors


The Ocean is Broken


Catastrophic:  Millions of Pacific Northwest Salmon are Dead




UC Berkley confirms Fukushima radiation on West Coast here now.


Toronto Street News:   Harper Government Hiding West Coast Radiation Disaster


Canada Newspapers Catch On: Gov’t “profoundly negligent” for not testing — Fukushima ocean plume detected at coast June 2013 — “My good feelings vanished… more I thought… less convinced I became” — Officials must be more forthcoming — “So-called ‘safe levels’… not safe”


What Cesium 137 Will Do to You


Fukushima Radiation Plume  Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid


Professor: “Fukushima spillage affects the life of the world ocean”; Must have very careful control of all Pacific seafood without exception — Gov’t Scientist: “It is a huge question” — Biologist: “The public wants to know… People think there’s a conspiracy”


Measurement of Radioactive Fallout from the March 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Incident


Will All North Americans now get caner??


Main steam media misleads on radiation issues on Fukashima


North California radiation levels remainin sky high


US EPA Draft Stirs Fears of Radically Relaxed Radiation Guidelines


Leaders on West Coast: Gov’t is “highly irresponsible… very negligent” for not testing in Pacific as Fukushima radiation arrives — Contamination of seafood is going to happen — “We don’t want to get cancer… We have a right to know if our fish is safe” — Gov’t: Testing ‘not required’


US Residents  monitor Fukushima radiation


Navy sailor confides ‘entire crew loosing bowel control’  after radiation exposure


Radiation Network


Living in a Radiation Contaminated  Zone


TEN SIGNS of Radiation Sickness


UC Berkley Announces Test Results BEFORE Test is Done (???)


“We see radiation from Fukushima in soils in Southern California, especially our desert regions” — High concentrations in seaweed prevented harvest this year — Also found in cattle and chicken feed (AUDIO)


Honest UCB Scientist Worries About Radiation Plume


USGS Report Airborne Radiation from Arkansas to Vermont (Well beyond even the West Coast)


TV: Scientists have found nuclear waste off San Diego coast — Fukushima’s problems now being felt in our local ecosystem — Professor most worried about finding ‘pools’ of cesium — “Time will tell how this plays out” (VIDEO)