-As in shinny, bobbles, jewellery, appeal, diamonds, luxury, high-priced, OR as in complimentary gifts or awards of various types for guests, public appearances or even relationship building, so as to ingratiate two parties together in friendship.  


-Is an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant or contribution OR as in a gift, as to fund or contribute.  Through a gift of  making a contribution to Nexxus, we would like to give back to those who gave to us, to our common cause.


Nexxus is currently seeking assistance with a number of social media outlets which it looks to cover.  If you have any social media experience or could help volunteer to help, please advise us soonest.

Common Good

To thank and reward our contributors, we would like to give back at various levels, a gift of some significance, to show our appreciation in that party giving.  Nexxus will present a number of various levels of donation, each of which will h ave an attendant gift that we wish to reward those giving, kind hearts.  

New Art and Artists - Worlds Within a World    (36 X 24”)

© Jerry Downs Photog, Larkspur California. Free with any $125.00 or more Donation US shipping free.

Become famous, become an insider, a supporter  &  be In a movie!

Nexxus is looking to produce a major motion picture documentary film in the months ahead.  As a sign of great thanks, contributor’s names will appear in our film’s end credits, where their family name can be memorialized, as a timely contributor to getting the truth out.  The levels or names under which a contributors name will appear, is dependent upon the amount of money the contributor puts forward.  The current levels are denoted as follows:

  • President’s Club Members – $25,000 per, only 20 slots, name will be distinguished differently than other levels, mentioned first.
  • Generous Friends$10,000.00 per, only 20 slots, name will be unique
  • Contributors$ 5,000.00 per, only 30 slots available
  • Frugal Classmates: $ 2,000.00 per, only 25 slots available.
  • Friends of the Janitor $ 1,000.00 per, 400 slots.
    Meant in good fun, and the joke is, the "Janitor's Friends" get t-shirts and stuff, exclusive screenings and other special things.  So  yeah, you wanna be the Janitor's friend. In actual fact, once your Jos friend, you're somebody, and you'll get invited around. Everybody wants to know Jos.
Exclusive High Tech Goodies

COMING NEW TOYS, not available anywhere else.

If  you are interested in the advanced toys or equipment, please contact the "High Tech Equipment" or our HTE Bling Program for further information.   If you make the first maximum donation of $333.00 for and HTE gift, one of our staff will email you the specifics of your choice or interest, concerning timing and delivery information, etc. before you make your final decision.  All deposits are refundable, less a $5.00 fee for Banking fees.

Variants in Giving, and Getting

So naturally we would put out there various types of rewards, covering a wide range of interest or life experiences, such that people know, can feel in their hearts that things are turning a corner, making a change.   Nexxus will still endeavor to do the traditional things in rewarding its Donors by way of the traditional gifts, things such as:

    T-shirts         Jewellery      Travel opportunities, etc. 


However, we will strive to also bring the very best in environmental technology for our friends and corporate families.  Get in on the change, be that change.

Worlds Within a World