Human Health

Human Health and Hope

Mission Statement

“An organization dedicated to the improvement of the body, mind and soul

 through ingenuity and invaluable service which is provided in integrity.”


The four pillars of Human Health and Hope are:


Integrity – Honesty, Principle, Sincerity, Virtue

Ingenuity – Ability, Brilliance, Genius, Skills & Wisdom

Invaluable – Exceptional, Peerless, Precious, Top-notch.

Improvement – Bettering, Correcting, Recovery, Repairing, Restoration


HHH was established to become a leading force in showing the way forward in EM Medicine.  We also combine the most advanced forms of EM diagnosis ever employed or used before.   HHH is here to provide. To solve. To heal.  All under its banner of the ‘Four Pillars’ of Human Health and Hope.



Clinical Deployment Program

Radiation triage clinics dedicated to the diagnosis and Treatment of radiation poisoning & related sicknesses.


A Planet in Trouble

Not long ago, or far away, on a Terran planet in this sector, a group of humanoids came to discover that their local ambient radiation levels were getting exceedingly high.  So much so that special care and attention would immediately be taken in order to protect the population from an outbreak of radiation sickness and poisoning, and sadly genetic breakdown.  Some of their population was already starting to get sick, exhibiting symptoms and signs which clearly showed radiation poisoning.

To that end these humanoids began interacting with a group of technicians and experts to see what could be done moving forward, and to deploy new equipment, systems and techniques which could effectively deal with this new threat of radiation sicknesses going forward.  What choice did they have?

So a plan was conceived, action items prepared, so there could be quick access to the best in medical advances, to save the people innocently affected by radiation poisoning.

It was a sad story for their planet, as the area affected was a temperate coastal zone which was known across their world for its cultural and entertainment businesses.  The locals were fearful that much misery could potentially be had if this area was not protected or once again made to be normal once more.  The repercussions of which would be felt nationally, as well as across their planet.  The potential loss of productivity and economic stability was to be truly known across their world.

 -Welcome to California.


HUMAN HEALTH AND HOPE, LLC (the technicians and experts) is now putting forward its Human Heath© clinical program.  Our clinics are a private initiative to establish a network of independently owned and operated triage clinics dedicated to the earliest possible diagnosis and remediation of radiation poisoning and sicknesses.  Our clinics will provide advanced diagnostic tools as well as access to some of the most advanced medical breakthroughs ever offered or seen.   Along with the independent clinics which  the company will own and operate, other clinics state-wide will be established under Human Health management to serve the three largest employee pools by industry segment in the State of California; namely entertainment, aerospace and computing.

Through our clinic locations, Human Health clientele will gain access to phenomenal, advanced technologies to overcome the health and wellness problems which they may be facing with radiation poisoning.  First access will only be available to our first clientele or ‘Alpha Group’ of US. Veterans.  However, to the delight of many employers, those same advanced technologies will be availed to those approved corporation’s for their employees, contractors, subcontractors and the like, along with their attendant families to use as well.  More on our Alpha Group, later. 

The earliest symptoms of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) are nausea and disorientation. If you start vomiting within an hour of exposure this implies a massive dose of radiation, making it far likelier you will die without medical treatment.

Radiation depletes clot-forming platelets in the blood, leading to severe bruising and wounds that won’t heal. In certain cases, this manifests as purpura, discolored patches caused by bleeding beneath the skin.

Uncontrolled bleeding, the body’s inability to clot, bleeding spontaneously from the nose, mouth and rectum.  Subtle manifestations also relate to bleeding gums without any reason.

Bloody diarrhea, vomit, similar symptoms as above, different cause. Radiation depletes the cells of the intestinal wall and stomach. This irritates the stomach and intestines, leading to bloody vomit and stools.

Radiation burns; clinically known as cutaneous radiation syndrome, or CRS, the first sign is itching. Exposed skin may then turn red, blister, develop open sores and slough off.

Hair Loss - Radiation damages hair follicles, which could lead to rapid hair loss.

Headaches, weakness and fatigue - Due to anemia from the loss of blood cells, weakness and fainting may occur. Also leads to hypotension, or extremely low blood pressure.

Mouth Sores - Ulcers in and around the mouth, a visible manifestation of ulcers all along the esophagus and digestive tract.

Seizures and tremors - Intense and prolonged exposure to radiation can impair the central nervous system. This can lead to a general lack of muscle coordination and seizures.

Fever And Infections - What will ultimately kill someone suffering from radiation sickness? Radiation destroys bone marrow and white blood cells, leading to increased risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

For us here personally, the saddest and most profound effect of radiation poisoning is that of infant mortality and genetic breakdown.  In fact, mortality rates in the US, but especially along the American west coast, are up in hundreds of percent allegedly.  Stories abound that hospital administrators are wrapped up in legal documents, sometimes known as NDA’s, along with other ‘behavioral modification techniques’ like financial pressure, to keep much of the radiation poisoning problems under tight wraps today.  So truly, one wonders what is real, and what isn’t.   

Clinical Deployment

Human Health is assuming a leadership role in the nature, scope and makeup of the radiation clinics it is now opening.  Along with promoting the advanced healing technologies it has now internally, much of what will be left of either affordable health care or medical insurance, will lean heavily upon the successes and movement forward of Human Health and its plans and programs.  While seeming bombastic to say that, no matter how much denial and/or how much refusal by the oversight of governments, businesses, agencies, the United Nations, or even the mongrel media, it now matters not.  And even though these groups, all of whom incidentally seem co-opted as they insure that nothing comes of or is ever done to stop the universal poisoning of mankind using radiation.  We are now seeing the largest and most prolific attempt of mass genocide ever in human history.  All while being done in total denial, yet while being in vogue.

For the California launch, we are expecting to open just after American Thanksgiving in Oceanside California.  The Oceanside Human Health Clinic will be first dedicated to the lives and health of the service men and women who served aboard the United States Ship Ronald Regan during its tour in 2011 and specially the crew who were exposed to the massive radiation plumes which were in and around Fukushima Japan. These folks are now internally referred to as our Alpha Group.

The financial model Management has employed to launch our first public clinic, is to insure that any and all Vets or members of our Alpha Group are first diagnosed and dealt with using the most advanced diagnostic tools ever developed.  These services will all be provided at no cost to the Vet themselves. Nothing. Free.  As each case is determined and moved forward, each case may come to even see subsidized or even free supplements and other aids provided to the Vet, entirely free as well.

From our Oceanside facility, our secondary launch will then be directed to the studios, talent agencies, production companies, post production, animation and CGI houses are being asked to band together for what is surely a new common enemy for large employers in California: absenteeism.  People not coming in, as they are suffering from chronic migraines, brain fog, insomnia, chronic fatigue, cold & flus, nausea, loss of energy, cannot focus, and truly worse.  The addressing of these special medical needs or issues in new and unique ways, will become the “The Human Health way. The right way.”™

The expertise we have today, along with the advances of tomorrow, will allow us to deal with the diagnosis of radiation poisoning and its remediation thereof, to put the body back into a healthy and self-reparative state.

Human Health maintains a Board of 12 experts who are leaders in their various fields and who oversee the protocols, the mediation techniques and systems etc. which are to be provided free or near free at the Human Health clinics.

Sponsorships – Licensing

Besides the deployment of its own clinics the parties who would come to take part in the Human Health’s corporate clinic program do have a very favorable economic upside, which may not be completely obvious to them today.  The entire program, when managed properly, especially for the stakeholders, is a direct cost saver and therefore a money maker, day one.  The basis of fact upon which we derive such a response, comes from:

  1. Besides just the American opportunities, the entire program is a licensing ‘tour-de-force’ with global possibilities to lead the establishment of health clinics around the world.
  2. By default, as is common in the rest of Human, the best and brightest minds would come forward, and bring with them the very best in that which medicine has to offer.
  3. Human Health, the clinics, our outreach programs, all are a marketing and promotion machine. Everything from T-shirt’s to food, gymnasiums, health clubs, sportswear, etc. can come to be associated in a licensing frenzy world-wide.
  4. Something of a medical/health institute will also emerge, where new research and development of new technologies can be advanced through the clinics networking globally, making Human Health a world health leader and chronic disease eliminator, going forward.

By definition Human is a purveyor of hope. Hope in all its forms and essences, all matter of emotional, physical and spiritual hope, for which mankind is based.  Grace.

Human delivers a message of hope, in so many ways, and on so many levels.  Life itself is the very essence of hope.  It is the fuel upon which the human spirit propels itself forward, into time and space. Hope.  We come baring a message of hope. One where the outcome, is as good as we’d hoped.  So, we have a Human sized problem, waiting for a Human moment, and solution, with naturally… a happy Human ending for all — and to all, a good night.

Humanitarian Efforts Going Forward

Of Human Health and Hope, LLC, Human Hope will become the humanitarian arm of the program, giving endowments, bursaries, scholarships, awards, equipment financing and other assistance to the distribution of protective as well as restorative health.  That simple.  The commercial hooks and opportunities are voluminous, not put easily in a form so brief here, but are most certainly there.  Those who chose to help will be elated in that they can have their preverbal cake and eat it too.  Provide a major social benefit back to the community, come off looking very good, as well as derive an income.  A structure where there is an expansion of income for the purposes of redistribution, again back out, bringing back even more income, as the circle widens over and over, as it should.

In the days and weeks ahead, you will be hearing more about us, more about our  program, our Directors, our people,  your place, your space, your opportunities, your responsibilities, your good will, and your people.   We have a task ahead of us, but the reality is that denying that there is a problem, now, would be foolish.  There is a problem, a serious problem, and it’s now a call to arms and to pay serious attention.

We believe in humanity, human sanctity and grace to all, from all.

We believe in pulling together, in times of trouble, as the most precious type of caring of all.  Caring for and loving each other, in the light, no longer in the darkness of the unknown, with an invisible and silent killer now amongst us all.  But together, as one, will defeat this silent foe and we will win.

Please, of any time, be especially watchful over your health, as some of things you might want to watch for, concerning some early warnings of poisoning:

Human Health and Hope (the technicians and experts) strive to bring forward that which will make a difference.  You can make a difference as well.  Our site allows for all manner of donations, and we would humbly thank you for your support.  In the days and weeks ahead, we will be putting forward more information, materials and exceptional products, in helping to come to protect yourself. Please monitor our website regularly. Know that contributors get notices and advisories first.  

As to the reader’s safety and care, be sensitive to any changes, anything subtle which might have changed about you.  Those, more now than ever, are important to keep on top of.  Do take care.

Any person who is now suffering from or is having challenges with regards to radiation poisoning, are free to email us at:   We are now building a database of further exposure cases and we look to assist all those who are in need over time.  If you or a loved one, a friend, an associate are now living along the West Coast, me mindful of your health and its condition.  Referrals welcome.


All other enquiries or questions can be directed to: